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Videos about Remote Viewing

A video conveys an enormous amount of information in a short time. Therefore we have set ourselves the goal to present many important contents about Remote Viewing in several videos.

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Remote Viewing: The Job of the Future NOW

This video about Remote Viewing explains how it is possible to make money with Remote Viewing. We have turned Remote Viewing into a profession and offer everyone immediate participation in projects.

Online Course to learn Remote Viewing

Learn a new profession from home! This video about Remote Viewing explains how the Online Course works.  The Remote Viewing School enables anyone to learn Remote Viewing to become a certified remote viewer.

Remote Viewing Test

Do you already have a precognitive ability? In order to find out how good your intuition is and if you can perhaps already make money with it, we have developed this test.

Explanation of Stage 1 to Stage 6

In this video you can see how the different stages of Remote Viewing look like and what the special characteristics are.